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Andre LaVelle



Gray Fox.




Those without vision and foresight are destined to a cycle of pointless mediocrity.


Although I have shot various genres within the context of commercial photography, fashion, editorial, product, etc; My truth is most clearly recognized in those images that are often categorized as intense, sexy, and provocative... 


Three words that always seem to find their place in describing aspects of my lifestyle, my humor, my creative vision, my photography, my associations, and my friendships.


I cannot control how others perceive me. But I can live by example to hopefully be an influence to those who dare to try and pursue a goal, express their passions, or explore interests outside the realm of societal norms.


Sensual Expression by Andre LaVelle

Photography and verse combine to express a sampling of the many talents of Andre LaVelle, his visually stunning images emit feeling and elicit emotion. 


Combined with powerful word play we are provided insight into the mind if’s creator as this work reveals portions off his journey.

Phantasy by Andre LaVelle

The Phantasy calendar was release at the beginning of the new millennium with an outpouring of positive feedback. From 2000-2003 I had the pleasure of creating and capturing some of the most beautiful, erotic, sensual, and romantic images of people of color that express a myriad of emotions, relationships, and themes. This book is a collection of some of the images from that highly acclaimed product.



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