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Andre LaVelle



Gray Fox.

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Humble Beginnings

After seeing Bruce Lee in the movie (Enter the Dragon), I became obsessed with martial arts and fitness and began training at the age of seven. However, my quest to achieve the level of Master Lee's intensity would be stunted as I found myself fighting for my life at the tender age of eight. After being shot, the injury to my stomach and intestines plagued me for many years, and complications stemming from the initial trauma caused me to be hospitalized a second time during my freshman year of high school to have part of my lower intestine removed. The scar on my stomach and back, showing the route of the bullet that narrowly missed my spine, is my constant reminder of my good fortune. Having defied death and paralysis at such a young age, I have never allowed pain or discomfort to limit me. I immediately began secretly training while hospitalized to regain my strength and flexibility. Doctors were amazed at how quickly I recovered from such a major surgery. Within a few months after my hospitalization, I was in the Dojo under the tutelage of Martial Arts Heavy Weight Champion Sensei Vincent "Shorty" Mills at the Pagoda Martial Arts Academy in Chicago. It was there that I developed a reputation for tenacity and heart, often requesting to spar with higher-ranking belts. Sensei Mills was an Illinois county Sheriff by profession and as the gang activity in Chicago increased, our martial arts instruction focused less on the traditional form of training and focused more on practical application of street survival and body conditioning. Our sparring sessions became full contact fighting and most of us found it difficult to alter our techniques for tournament point sparring. Most of my tournament activities ended with disqualifications for excessive force and violence. I continued my quest within the Martial Arts independently, training with various instructors in a variety of styles, subconsciously adopting Master Lee's philosophy for the combative arts.

The Evolution

A Chicago native, this modern renaissance man, he has always had leadership qualities. Commercial artist/illustrator turned stand-up comedian turned photographer turned writer turned director turned fit lifestyle guru turned radio talk show host, this entrepreneur is multifaceted and multitalented. His outlook and business acumen is evident in his various successful ventures.
A noted photographer, he is the visionary behind an extensive photographic portfolio that captures the truisms of the human body. His artwork has been featured in various gallery exhibitions, print media, calendars, and documentaries, and his commercial studio LVI "LaVelle Visual Imagery" produced images, graphic design and art direction for film, television, music, and fashion industry.
As a show producer and stand-up comedian, he's traveled the country showcasing his brand of humor sharing the stage with such notables as Damon Wayans, Cedric the Entertainer, Jeff Garlin, Sheryl Underwood, Adele Givens, DL Hughley, and a myriad of talent throughout the industry.
He created PCW Fit (Pit Crew Warrior) on both coasts, coaching a variety of individuals in and outside of the entertainment industry. He's had such clients as Kym Whitley, Deniece Williams, John Marshall Jones, Lexington Steele, Ali Leroi, and Matthew St. Patrick, to name a few.
Presently, he is also co-hosting radio talk shows, utilizing his comedic timing in a wide range of genres including sports and pop culture, with a unique perspective from his lifetime of experiences.

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